Cost-Effectiveness is our Watchword!
All services are offered a-la-carte, so you only pay for the ones you use. Customized packages are available! Once we learn about the position and the candidate you're trying to attract, we can put together a package, encompassing various services, to meet your needs.

Pricing below is in United States dollars. Click here to see pricing in Canadian dollars.

  • Print & Online Advertising – We write the ad copy and recommend media based on your specific opening & location. We can post to any job board, newspaper, or social media outlet. Here’s pricing for the most popular job boards.


    • Indeed (sponsored): $450
    • LinkedIn: $400
    • Monster: $300
    • Zip Recruiter: $400


    • Pick Any 2: Deduct $100 (e.g. Indeed + LinkedIn = $750)
    • Pick Any 3: Deduct $150 
    • Pick All 4: deduct $200 

  • Ad Response Management – Resumes can go directly to you, but you’ll save time and aggravation by having us filter the unqualified responses. Pricing is determined by the number of job boards selected above.

    • 1 Job Board - Add $350
    • 2 Job Boards – Add $650
    • 3 Job Boards – Add $900 
    • 4 Job Boards – Add $1150

  • Sourcing – We proactively identify candidates with the precise experience you’re looking for. Advertise to attract an experienced Sales Rep from all industries. Source to identify a Sales Rep currently working at The Shade Store or Blinds to Go! We subscribe to all major resume databases including CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster and Zip Recruiter. Receive 2 rounds of resumes over 30 days.

    • Sourcing Only (no postings) - $1795
    • Sourcing with job postings – Add $1395 to advertising cost above.
    • Sourcing Lite (only available in conjunction with advertising) – This 3-hour 'mini-search' typically yields 5-15 resumes whereas a full search generates 40-60. Add $350 to the applicable advertising cost above.

  • Outreach & Scheduling – We present your opportunity to the candidates that you approve.

    • Mini-Screen – We ask 2-3 preliminary screening questions to ascertain each applicant's level of interest and schedule viable candidates to interview with you - $50 per candidate 
    • In-Depth Behavioral Interview - $150 per candidate.
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